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At the Seaside

Atlantic, English Channel or Mediterranean.
Travel Anytime, Your Seaside hotelF1 Room Awaits.

Along the 5,542-km* French coast, on the Brittany, Mediterranean or Aquitaine coasts, in Vendée, in Basque Country or in the Southeast, book your low-cost room at hotelF1 now. At hotelF1, whether summer or winter, you pay less to stay anywhere along the coast. From just EUR 24: at this price, you can go anywhere... as often as you like. The immense beaches of the English Channel, the beautiful dunes of Aquitaine, the gentle shores of the Mediterranean, seaside getaways just for you, complete with fried mussels, ice cream, waffles and more. Plus, lots of savings! For a weekend or vacation with family or friends, book a room at hotelF1 with ease and at a low cost!

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